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CCCLX specialises in Social Strategy, Digital Commissioning, Business Development, Comms Management, Campaign Management and more.


CCCLX (360) is a creative digital consultancy created by one of the internet's original creators, Sean Adams. He founded the Drowned in Sound blog and community in the year 2000, ran the DiS record label which launched the careers of artists such as Kaiser Chiefs and Bat for Lashes, as well as hosted its pioneering podcast way back in 2006.

In recent years, he's managed global campaigns with partners ranging from Burberry to the United Nations. Most notably, he revolutionised the way the BBC approaches social media, driving 18 million organic reach a week for BBC Radio 6 Music's social channels.


Brand Strategy / Social Media Strategy / Digital Consultancy / Web3 Projects / NFT Launches / Print, Digital & Web Comms / Art Direction / Video Commissioning / A&R / Project Management / Copywriting / Event Hosting / Masterclasses / Ideation

We love the web and we also know how to turn information into knowledge that people will want to share or engage with.


We can turn small campaign moments into entertaining fragments of someone's day. We intrigue the curious and tell a story in accumulation across a campaign, in a range of mediums.


CCCLX can - ahem! - "level up" your communications and marketing by sniffing out the truffles in your big ideas.


Using our audience analysis and knowledge of the digital landscape, CCCLX can fish out community engagement ideas to create engaging conversations that your flock are waiting to have.

Bolt us on your existing projects or bring CCCLX in to help develop a roadmap for your next campaign for a day, a week or on-going consultancy for several months.

In our one to one sessions with C-Suite members or ongoing collaborations with musicians and other creators, we help unlock the possibilities of the web, and develop marketing bespoke marketing ideas.  Take these ideas away for your teams to implement or you can leave our network of cool nerds to create thumb-stopping - we hate this c-word - "content" and run campaigns for you.

Beyond war-games, blue sky thinking, copywriting and sloganeering, we can deconstruct "it" and help find the best story to tell, in the right mediums, at the best time for your audience...

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